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Use Your Words

Find your voice so your customers listen.

Voices We've Raised

How to Begin the Beguine

 Learn how to put your clients and their challenges at the heart of your business communications. Speak in a way they understand so they will listen. You have a way to help them; don't let confusing messaging get in the way of them knowing that. 

Tell us Your Story

We'll schedule a call, a zoom, an in person meeting over coffee or drinks, heck, we've even been roped into a walk in a park. You tell us your problems; we listen. Kinda like business therapy, except FREE and we will tell you what we can do to help you.

Develop your story

Our first step to helping you develop a custom brand story is an audit of what you're currently doing. This will help us identify what is working and areas of opportunity. With a clear picture of your story's beginning, we will know which tools you need to craft your happy ending. We will help you find your voice and then set you up to use it.

Share Your Story

Take your story to the masses with streamlined strategies that include content, social media marketing, events, websites, marketing collateral, and images that speak loudly too. We help you share your story with the world. Our Fractional CMO services make your life easier. 

Hear Our Story

EJ Phillips has a pretty good story. Plus, she's funny. So grab your popcorn, your favorite beverage, and sit a spell.

Because A Good Story Is In The Details

Learn about our narrative marketing services below.

brand story

Develop Your Brand's Story

You need to know your why, but the truth is, your prospects are more concerned with their why. EJ Creates Consulting's Brand Development services set your clients up to be the heroes in your story. Communicate in such a way that your clients save the day because your brand is the "guy in the chair" supporting their heroic efforts.

Content To Tell Your Story

Sometimes you need help sounding out the big words. Our storytelling services help you craft effective blogs, marketing emails, newsletters, pitch decks, ebooks, and videos. For our clients that we have developed their brand story, we offer Fractional Marketing Department services. If we've helped you craft your story, we would love to be the ones to help you tell it n a regular basis.


Collateral That SELLS Your Story

Don't just tell your prospects your story, SHOW them. We craft flyers, one pagers, brochures, leave behinds, stationary packages, infographics, and images that help others see you in action. We can even train you how to do it too!

Shout Your Digital Story

Listen.  We know you need a good website.  And if you're a small business with simple web aspirations, we are your people. We know you just wanna get the dang thing done. If you require a more bespoke site with lots of bells and whistles, get EJ to tell your story to one of her referral partners to build you a website that shouts your story to the world around the clock and gets in the ears of who needs it.

web design

Our Short Stories

aka the BLOG. You know the thing where the writer puts the words together in funny and endearing ways and you think, "Huh....meeee toooo."

Contact us

When I say "us", I mean EJ Phillips. It's me. Hi! I'm the problem; it's me.